Comparables de Mercado Will Enhance the Analysis of the Retail Segment 

July 20, 2023 | #DatozByDatoz

Datoz continues to innovate in the creation of Data Analytics products within the Proptech universe, this time with a new tool to enhance the analysis of properties in the retail segment. 

It is called “Comparables de Mercado”, which aims to provide the necessary data regarding commercial zoned spaces or plots of land, in order to analyze reference values for lease and sale prices in a delimited area. 

To access this information, it is necessary to delimit an area using a radius of up to 5 kilometers around a specific address or by selecting a polygon. Additionally, you will need to provide the necessary information in the filters, such as Asset Type, Building Type, Marketing Type, and Comparable Area. 

Once this is done, the interactive map will display pins representing the properties that fall within the filter ranges. Each pin will provide a first glance at information, including the number of comparables (properties), weighted average price, and total area available for lease or sale. 

One of the essential functions for the analysis of commercial properties is the heatmap, as it allows for a clear view of the price dynamics within the selected polygon by highlighting areas with higher and lower prices. This feature provides valuable insights into the price distribution and trends within the designated region. 

In addition to visualizing comparable spaces on the map, it is also possible to access more details through the Property List function. This feature provides information such as address, area, building type, marketing type, and lease or sale price for each property. It offers a comprehensive overview of the available properties, allowing users to delve deeper into specific listings and make more informed decisions during their analysis. 

The information provided by Comparables de mercado allows users to gain a comprehensive overview of the commercial property values within a delimited area. 

Additionally, Comparables de mercado is complemented by a personalized service provided by Datoz’s research team through Fichas de valor de mercado. 

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