Querétaro Is The Hub of Data Denters in Mexico 

May 5, 2023 | #DatozByDatoz

By: Silvia Gómez, Market Analyst

In the last couple of years, Mexico has been one of the preferred countries for companies that require a data center for their operations. These types of investments have concentrated in the Bajío region, specifically in Querétaro. 

Lately, there have been recurring announcements of data center investments in Querétaro. In March 2023, KIO announced the installation of its third data center in Querétaro, in KIO QRO 03 building, which will have an area of 270,000 square feet (ft2) and an investment of $400 million USD. This operation is an expansion of its current facilities located in El Marqués Industrial Park. This project will be developed during 2024. 

The beginning of the data center hub 

In 2021, data center companies that decided to settle in the industrial real estate market of Querétaro were Equinix, which acquired a 430,000 ft2 plot of land; Ascenty, which bought one of 500,000 ft2; and Microsoft, which acquired a territorial reserve of 1.1 million ft2. All of these lands are within Vesta Park Querétaro industrial park, and they are currently constructing buildings on their respective plots, according to information from Datoz. 

AWS (Amazon Web Services) acquired close to 1 million ft2 plot of land in Vynmsa Querétaro industrial park and another territorial reserve of 815,000 ft2 in Cantera Industrial Park. 

During 2022, the Brazilian company Odata installed in Vynmsa Querétaro industrial park, with an investment of $79 million USD in the first phase of the project called QR01. This project was inaugurated in May 2022 and has an area of 560,000 ft2 built. The second phase of the project, QR02, will have an area of 330,000 ft2 and is currently planned. 

Why is Querétaro so attractive for data centers? 

Querétaro is very attractive for the installation of data centers due to its strategic location in the center of the country, excellent weather conditions throughout the year, good infrastructure, attractive economic conditions, and a skilled workforce in the region. This has driven Querétaro as a unique hub for data center infrastructure in our country. 

Indeed, the production and distribution issues related to electrical energy in the country can represent a significant challenge for the consolidation of this hub, which is why the Mexican Data Center Association (MEXDC) is currently in talks with the government to find solutions to the shortage of energy supply. 

The MEXDC is an association formed by the main data center companies installed in Mexico (Ascenty, DCD, Equinix, Layer9 Data Centers, Odata, Scala Data Centers, and KIO), which aims to promote the industry in Mexico, act as an intermediary between the government, and manage issues related to regulation, policy, economics, and social matters that the industry requires. 

This will help lay the foundations for the promising future of the sector, which we foresee will continue to grow steadily, positioning Mexico as the first country in Latin America with the largest number of data centers. 

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