Guanajuato Is An Attractive Location For Nearshoring Due To Its Availability Of Industrial Land 

18 October, 2023 | #DatozByDatoz

Guanajuato is one of the most attractive markets for the relocation of companies or nearshoring in the Bajío region of the country. In addition to its strong presence in the industrial sector and its strategic location, the availability of land enhances Guanajuato’s appeal for companies looking to establish themselves in the country. 

After three years of low gross absorptions, Guanajuato managed to regain its industrial activity in 2022 and reached historic levels of demand for industrial spaces, with 4.6 million square feet (ft2), which was 110% higher than in 2021. As of August 2023, 3.2 million ft2 have been absorbed, which represents a 46% increase compared to 2021, according to data from Analytics 2.0 by Datoz. 

It is evident that Guanajuato has sparked the interest of investors in the past 18 months, prompting industrial developers and companies to actively seek industrial land for building and establishing their production processes. 

This is because Guanajuato boasts a competitive logistical infrastructure. It is intersected by two of Mexico’s most important highways, the 45 and 57. Additionally, the railway lines of Kansas City Southern de México (KCSM) and Ferromex converge in the region. Furthermore, its workforce is highly skilled, with significant expertise in the automotive manufacturing sector. 

Unlike other markets like Mexico City or Tijuana, Guanajuato offers a wide range of industrial land options, with a total of 156.9 million square feet (ft2) available for sale. These properties are primarily located in the submarkets of Celaya, Irapuato, León, and San José de Iturbide. On the other hand, in Silao, San Miguel de Allende, and Salamanca, there is limited availability of industrial land, according to data from ILA by Datoz. 

Furthermore, some of the developers with the highest availability of industrial land in Guanajuato include Marabis, Lintel, Amistad, Amexhe, Vynmsa, among others. 

For more detailed information on industrial land in Guanajuato, access ILA. If you are not already a subscriber, request a demo to learn more. 

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