Find and explore all available properties under construction or delivered. Our data is collected by our market researchers and is updated on a monthly basis. Our researchers visit every single market periodically in order to verify information provided by our extensive network of market contacts which include owners, investors and brokerage agents among many other professionals.

Using Advanced Filters you can find the exact space you are looking for. Browse availability of each market with the possibility of filtering sub-marekts, range of available spaces, number of docks, owners, wall-type, asset class and much, much more.

Search results may be explored in any combination of measurement units or currency and everything is provided in both English and Spanish.

Our Interactive Map allows users to view the exact location of every single building and explore its surroundings. The map can be viewed as a traditional map or a satellite version.

Browsing available properties may also be done through using our List format, which allows users to view more information about each property on a single screen.

Each building has a Property Profile that will provide all the details about the building and its available spaces. This is the place where a user can view building specifications, land measurements and details about all available space inside the building. Furthermore, you can download files related to the property, including promotional flyers, pictures and layouts.

Availability Surveys

Select properties that you want to include in your surveys and then personalize and download unto PDF files for easy distribution or printing. The personalization menu on top of the report section includes options to edit or eliminate entire sections including report title, creator's name, location map, contact information, personal and editable notes and comments./

One-page Report

An exhaustive report that shows the technical characteristics of each selected property and its available spaces. Browse through more than 30 specific details pertaining to each property. All property locations are clearly shown on a map accompanying your report.

Comparative Report

A side-by-side summary featuring basic building specifications, availability information and a profile picture for every selected property. As with the One-Page Report, all property locations are clearly shown on a map.

Market Intelligence

Our analysts gather, update and verify each lease and sales transaction in over 18 markets around Mexico. As time passes our historical database becomes more abundant, facilitating the use of statistical data that is easy to use and reliable. We register each and every single event that affects all properties, from planning and construction to eventual vacancy and occupancy, to the transfer of ownership. We have accumulated wealth of knowledge about the industrial and office real estate markets that is unprecedented in Mexico. Some of the data our users may use to create personalized analytics include closing prices, asking rates, building specifications, owners, brokers involved in transactions, tenant industries and much more.