Who are we?

We monitor commercial real estate activity throughout Mexico in order to provide impartial and up-to-date market information.

Our online platform allows users to look for available spaces. We collect all available spaces and update the information on a monthly basis, thereby guaranteeing our users that their searches will be efficient and reliable.

Furthermore, we analyze each lease and sales transaction thoroughly, recording every detail associated with each transaction. This way we enable our users to use market statistics backed by trustworthy historical data that can be referenced at any given moment.

How do we update market information?

We work with an extensive network of market players and maintain constant contact in order to update information. In this manner we make sure that key market data comes directly from the professionals involved in the different activities. On the other hand, our market researchers verify all collected information wherever possible; visiting each market periodically in order to corroborate information that can only be validated through market tours and site visits.

Our success is ensured by the precision of our information and backed by our constant investment in technology. We strive to provide our clients with market clarity that translates into competitive advantages that can only be provided by Datoz.