ProximityParks is investing in industrial conversion: 2 projects

September 19, 2023 | #DatozByDatoz

The industrial building developer, ProximityParks, has focused on the conversion of former industrial warehouses in prime locations within major urban areas, where land is scarce, in order to provide Class A buildings for logistics and last-mile operations. 

Here are 2 innovative projects that Proximity Parks has converted in the past two years. 

ProximityParks Coyoacán 

ProximityParks proudly developed the first retail-to-industrial conversion project in Mexico. This involved transforming a commercial space that previously housed a car dealership, located between Río Churubusco and Universidad, just steps away from Mitikah in Mexico City. The industrial warehouse serves as a last-mile logistics facility and also incorporates a retail component to leverage its frontage along major avenues. 

Due to its sustainable construction practices, this industrial building has achieved LEED Gold certification. The project also generates clean energy through solar panels, covering up to the entire electrical consumption of its tenants. 

ProximityParks Iztapalapa Norte 

The industrial developer saw the opportunity to convert an abandoned factory, built 60 years ago, located north of Iztapalapa, a few blocks from Río Churubusco, in Mexico City. The warehouse was transformed into a last-mile logistics center for high volume operations. 

This project also received LEED Gold certification for its sustainable construction. Additionally, it offers charging stations for electric vehicles and generates clean energy through solar panels to cover the entire electrical consumption of the user. 

These are just two projects, however, ProximityParks has worked on more and has a plan for at least 4 years to capitalize on the conversion of industrial buildings. 

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